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The ultimate value you place on any Home Report is closely linked to the tools used and the personal time spent by professionals in the business helping you determine an accurate value.

Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

Automated valuation tools are helpful when you are feeling out the market or wanting to get some ball park figures. Automated tools are estimates usually based upon public records like you might find from your local Property Value Administration "PVA" department. As you know, not all public records know everything about the homeowners property. Also, in many cases, the list price of homes reflect enhancements which the public records do not take into account. Entering an address at the top of the page will generate an automated valuation in seconds.

Interactive AVMs (I-AVM)

Interactive AVM's (interactive automated valuation models) combine public PVA records, local MLS data, and predictive economic modeling to provide what is called a "Bank Grade" automated value. Semonin has the tools to provide you with an Interactive AVM. Just click on the "Get Report Used by Lenders" link above.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

If you desire a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA, then Semonin agents have the experience, knowledge and tools to provide you with a more comprehensive estimate based upon a visit to your home where no automation estimate can go. If you desire a CMA from a Semonin agent then click on "Schedule Listing Appointment" to start the conversation.

Below is a video from Brad DeVries, Semonin's CEO, providing even more information about Home Value Reports.